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OCEAN Resourcing in MALAYSIA

All employees must be eligible to work in the country where the cruise ship is registered. Cruise ships sail to many countries and all personnel who want to visit those countries must obtain valid visas.

Firstly, to be able to travel abroad, you will need a valid passport. Apart from the passport, it is recommended to have other ID documents with you all the time, such as a driving license.

Once you get to the ship the purser will file your passport and other documents and keep them in a safe, since you won't need them during the cruise.

Most staff on cruise ships do not come from the same country from where the ship is registered. Therefore many of them need a valid visa and/or work permit to work on a cruise ship legally.

Types of Cruise Ship Jobs

There are over 300 types of jobs onboard cruise ships spanning a number of different departments, each requiring their own set of skills and qualifications. Many of these positions are similar to land-based jobs offering potential for a successful career, plus the added benefit of travel.

A cruise ship is similar to a resort offering comparable employment options in Guest Services, Housekeeping, Food and Beverage, Entertainment and more. “More” also means that a cruise ship is very different than a land-based resort, requiring a crew of Deck and Technical personnel as well.

Most cruise lines separate their operations into two main categories, Hotel Operations and Marine Operations. Here is a breakdown of the cruise ship departments and the types of cruise ship jobs that can be found onboard a cruise ship.

Marine Operations

Marine Operations is responsible for navigating the ship from port to port, operating and maintaining the ship’s engines and hotel systems, providing shipboard safety and security, and complying with international as well as maritime rules and regulations. The Deck and Technical Departments consist of trained and experienced Officers and Ratings. Although the Staff Captain is head of the Deck Department, the Captain is the master of the whole ship with all heads of department reporting to him/her. Here is a list of all the cruise ship positions in the Deck and Technical Departments along with some other jobs that are sometimes categorized under Marine Operations.

Deck Department

Staff Captain
Safety Officer (1st Officer, Chief Officer)
Navigation Officer (1st Officer)
2nd Officer
Third Officer
Deck Cadet
2nd Bosun
Deck Petty Officer (Fireman)
AB Deck (Deck Crew)
AB Helmsman (Quartermaster)
AB Seaman (Deck Crew, Deck Repairman)
Ordinary Seaman
Deck Storekeeper
Sanitation Utility
Fitter Deck
Marine Administrative Assistant (Deck Clerk)
Environmental Officer
Public Health and Safety Specialist

Security Department
Security Officer
Deputy Security Officer
Security Supervisor
Security Guard

Engine Department
Chief Engineer
Staff Engineer (Assistant Chief Engineer)
1st Engineer
2nd Engineer
3rd Engineer
Engine Cadet
1st Refrigeration Engineer (HVAC Engineer, Ventilation Officer)
2nd Refrigeration Engineer
3rd Refrigeration Engineer
Sanitation Engineer
Hotel Engineer
Assistant Hotel Engineer
Accommodations Maintenance Supervisor (Facilities Manager)
Assistant Carpenter
Engine Crew Supervisor (Motorman)
Engine Repairman (Mechanic)
Engine Fitter
Engine Crew
Refrigeration Fitter (Fitter AC)
Refrigeration Technician
1st Plumber
2nd Plumber
Sanitation Technician
Technical Storekeeper (Chief Stoker)
2nd Engine Storekeeper
Technical Clerk
Waste Disposal Supervisor
Incinerator Operator (Waste Disposal Operator)
Incinerator Technician

Electrical Department
Chief Electrician (Chief Electrical Technical Officer)
1st Electrical Engineer
1st Electronic Engineer (Communications Officer)
2nd Electrical Engineer
2nd Electronic Engineer
3rd Electrical Engineer
Electrical Engineer Cadet
1st Electrical Fitter
Assistant Electrical Fitter (Assistant Electrician)

Medical Department
Medical Secretary

Lifeguard Manager
Lifeguard Supervisor
Lifeguard Staff

Hotel Operations
With more than a dozen operational areas, the Hotel Operations on a cruise ship is responsible for ensuring that each passenger may enjoy their cruise vacation. Departments include Guest Services, Housekeeping, Culinary, Food and Beverage, Entertainment, Gift Shops, Casino, and Spa. But, there are also jobs in Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, and Information Technology that work behind the scenes.
The Hotel Director oversees the entire hotel operations, but ultimately reports to the Captain. Here is a list of all the cruise ship positions in the remainder of the cruise ship’s departments.

Hotel Management
Hotel Director (Hotel General Manager)

Guest Relations (Guest Services)
Assistant Hotel Director
Guest Relations Manager (Customer Services Director)
Assistant Guest Services Manager
Suite Manager
Yacht Club Concierge (MSC Cruises)
Royal Genie (Royal Caribbean only)
Group Coordinator
Event Coordinator (Party Planner)
Front Desk Manager
Assistant Front Desk Manager (Front Desk Supervisor)
Guest Services Supervisor
Guest Administration Officer (Documentation Officer)
Guest Departure Officer
Guest Services Officer
Junior Guest Services Officer
Loyalty Ambassador
Cruise Sales Associate (Future Cruise Consultant)
Hotel Administrative Assistant
International Ambassador
Assistant International Ambassador
Senior Desktop Publisher
Program Publisher

Marketing and Revenue Manager
Financial Controller
Administration Purser
Crew Payroll Manager (Crew Purser)
Administration Purser – Payroll (Payroll Purser)
Junior Payroll Purser

Information Technology
Digital Manager (Computer Officer)
IT Assistant Manager
IT Infrastructure Specialist
ITV Coordinator
Communication Service Specialist
Internet Manager (iLounge Manager)
iLounge Assistant (Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises)
Macologist (Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises)

Human Resources
Human Resources Manager
Crew Administrator
Crew Relations Specialist
Human Resources Specialist
Learning and Development Consultant (Training and Development Manager)
Crew Welfare Specialist

Executive Housekeeper (Chief Housekeeper)
Assistant Executive Housekeeper
Housekeeping Administrator
Housekeeping Supervisor (Accommodations Supervisor)
Stateroom Attendant (Stateroom Steward)
Officers’ Steward
Assistant Stateroom Steward
Laundry Master
Assistant Laundry Master
Laundry attendant
Linen Keeper
Uniform Master
Hotel Storekeeper
Inventory Manager (Inventory Compliance Officer)
Public Area Supervisor
Deck Attendant
Pool Deck Service Host
Utility Cleaner (Hotel Steward)
Lawn Keeper
Landscape Specialist

Executive Chef
Executive Sous Chef
Junior Sous Chef
Sous Chef
1st Cook (Commis Cook)
1st Pizza Cook
Buffet Cook
Chef Tournant
Teppanyaki Chef
Specialty Restaurant Chef de Cuisine
Chief Baker (Chef de Partie – Baker)
1st Baker
2nd Baker
Chief Butcher (Chef de Partie – Butchery)
1st Butcher
2nd Butcher
Chief Pastry (Chef de Partie – Pastry)
Assistant Pastry Chef
Pastry Cook
Chef de Partie – Sushi
Sushi Cook
Chef de Partie – Pantry
Pantry Chef
Pantry Cook
Pantry Cook Assistant
Chief Crew Cook
Crew Cook
Galley Operations Manager (Galley Area Supervisor)
Sanitation Officer (Crystal Cruises)
Assistant Galley Supervisor
Galley Steward (Utility Galley Cleaner)
Buffet Decorator
Pantry Decorator
Provision Master (Food Storekeeper)
Assistant Provision Master
Ice Carver

Food and Beverage
Food and Beverage Director (F&B Manager)
Restaurant Manager
Dining Room Assistant Manager
Assistant Maitre’D
Food and Beverage Supervisor
Head Waiter
Assistant Waiter
Assistant Buffet Steward
Cellar Master
Food and Beverage Administrator
F&B Sanitation
Room Service Attendant
Snack Attendant (Buffet Steward)
Beverage Manager
Assistant Beverage Manager (Bar Supervisor)
Bar Server (Bar Steward)
Bar Utility (Assistant Bar Steward)

Guest Activities – Shore Excursions
Senior Destinations Manager
Shore Excursions Manager
Assistant Shore Excursions Manager
Shore Excursions Staff
Destination Concierge
Port Lecturer (Destination Lecturer)
Shore Excursions Bike Escort (Bicycle Leader)
Expedition Leader (Lindblad Expeditions)
Assistant Expedition Leader (Lindblad Expeditions)

Entertainment – Management
Entertainment Director
Cruise Director

Entertainment – Guest Activities (Onboard)
Assistant Cruise Director
Cruise Programs Administrator
Activity Manager
Activity Staff
Activities Host (Cruise Staff)
Aquatics Activity Staff
Recreation Host (Disney Cruise Line)
Disc Jockey
Karaoke Host (Carnival Cruise Line)
Amusement Specialist (MSC Cruises)
Sports Manager (Sports Director)
Sports Coordinator
Sports Staff (Recreation Staff)
Dive Manager
Assistant Dive Manager
Dive Instructor
Life Stylist (Holland America only)
Youth Activities Manager
Youth Activities Assistant Manager
Youth Staff
Youth Staff (Nursery)

Entertainment – Production
Broadcast Manager
Broadcast Operator
Broadcast Technician (Video Technician)
AV Manager
AV Operator
Digital Signage and ITV Specialist (Multimedia Manager)
ITV Coordinator
ITV Host
Production Manager
Stage Manager
Production and Stage Manager – Aqua (Royal Caribbean only)
Assistant Stage Manager
Light Technician
Lounge Technician
Sound Technician
Stage Technician (Rigging Specialist)
Rigging Staff
Stage Staff
Aqua Staff Support Diver (Royal Caribbean only)

Entertainment – Musicians, Cast, Entertainers
Band Leader (Band Master)
Show Band Musician
Musicians (Piano Bar Entertainer, Quartets, Calypso Band, etc.)
Headline Entertainer
Enrichment Lecturer (Guest Speaker)
Character Performer

Casino Manager
Casino Supervisor
Casino Dealer
Casino Hostess
Assistant Casino Hostess
Cash Desk Manager (Head Casino Cashier)
Cashier Trainee
Slot Manager
Slot Technician
Casino Slot Attendant

Gift Shops
Sales Manager
Assistant Sales Manager
Luxury Retail Boutique Manager
Sales Associate – Jewelry Specialist
Sales Associate – Beauty Specialist
Sales Associate – Fine Watch Specialist
Sales Associate – Visual Specialist
Sales Associate – Promotions Specialist

Photography Department
Photo and Videography Manager
Assistant Photo Manager
Senior Photographer
Junior Photographer
Photo Lab Technician (MSC Cruises)
Photo Instructor (Lindblad Expeditions)

Other Cruise Ship Jobs
Art Auctioneer (Gallery Manager)
Art Steward
Port and Shopping Guide

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