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Life on Board


Living and working on a cruise ship is for many people an unique experience, fulfilling a life-long dream to travel and meet new people. The job best suits adventurous people, who are willing to work hard work, and who strive for perfection.


OCEAN Resourcing is only looking for intrepid, open-minded people, who enjoy being challenged by a fast-paced and constantly changing environment. Contracts generally last for 6-8 months, and as ships are 24-hour operations, most crew are expected to work seven days a week, sometimes as much as 15 hours per day. In addition, crew members participate in a variety of ongoing programs and classes geared towards safety and professional work standards.

There is also time for crew members to take advantage of the environment and spend free time with their new international friends. Most cruise line employees share cabin space, which offer amenities such as televisions and refrigerators. Personal space is limited, but each ship has recreation areas just for the crew, including a shop for essentials, a bar, gym, dining and recreation rooms, as well as planned activities. There are also internet cafes and special phone cards crew member can use to stay in touch with friends and family at home.