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OCEAN Resourcing in FiJi


By encouraging smart and innovative thinking, we are continually looking at resourceful and creative ways to grow the business and take part in new challenges.

• We value team work and integrity in personal and business dealings with our stakeholders. Our flexible and service orientated approach identifies our business as a ‘can do’ operation.

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Fiji’s beautiful Islands are situated between 15 and 20 degrees south of the equator and straddles the 180th meridian of longitude, or the International Dateline, and so becomes the gateway of a new day.

The total land area of Fiji is 18,333 square kilometers. The largest island, Viti Levu is 10,429 square kilometers and the second largest, Vanua Levu is 5,556. Fiji is made up of 333 islands, predominantly volcanic with smaller coral or limestone islets. They are spread over thousands of square kilometers of ocean in the heart of the South Pacific. Around one third of these islands are inhabited. Situated in the hub of the Southwest Pacific, Fiji has become a major crossroad for shipping services between North America, Australia, New Zealand and between the regional South Pacific countries.,Asian countries,Vessels enter the country via the natural harbours at Suva and Lautoka.


Fiji Ports Corporation Limited (FPCL) commenced operations on 01 July 2005 after two reforms in the Port industry. More commonly referred to as Ports Authority (PAF) Fiji Ports Corporation Limited was registered as a company on 18 August 2004 and operates under the Seaports Management Act 2005.

PAF was created 01 November 1975 as a statutory body under an act of Parliament of the Ports Authority of Fiji Act (No 20).

Reorganization was carried out in March 1998 which reformed PAF into two entities;

• Maritime and Ports Authority of Fiji (MPAF)
• Ports Terminal Limited (PTL)
In the ensuing years, it became evident that there still existed anomalies that were detrimental to the efficient and successful managing of Fiji’s Ports to attain the desired results. FPCL was borne out of this second reform under the Public Enterprise Act.
• Prior to establishment of the PAF, ports operation was run jointly by a number of Government Departments,the stevedoring and cargo handling controlled by overseas shipping companies with its agents in Fiji.
• The establishment of PAF under an Act of Parliament in 1975 following recommendations by the Ports Commission of Inquiry which studied operations and administrations of ports in Fiji.
• The setting up of the Authority saw the integration of all port operations into a single autonomous BODY.


• The statuary functions of the Authority as set out in PAF Act no 20 of 1975.
• To provide and maintain adequate and efficient services and facilities in ports and their approaches.
• To regulate and control navigation within ports and approaches.
• To promote and use ,development and improvements of ports.
• To acquire land and execute such works as necessary for the functions of the Authority under provisions of the Act or according to other laws of the country.

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